How to gain time - and organize yourself |

Time and Self-Management

"I don’t have time" is a statement frequently heard from leaders, experts and highly qualified employees. The signs of not having time are feverishness, stress, an increasing amount of overtime and weekend work, an overloaded desk and, at last, health problems. These consequences cannot be solved by applying a time planning system. It is rather the personal attitude and behavior that must be changed.

My intense personal training (for one or several participants) right at your worksite offers you the opportunity to deal with your specific questions and problems individually and to develop solutions together. These solutions are thus tailored to the actual needs of the participant(s). An improved personal time and self-management can have many positive effects in very little time.


  • Analysis of your work style and recognition of potential for change
  • Basics of time management, tailored to the personal needs of the participant
  • "Collection" of all tasks, topics, ideas etc. requiring improvement
  • Working with those pending topics until they are resolved or at least until a course of action has been defined
  • Dealing with the question "How can I organize my work place better?"
  • Checking your personal "Work-Life-Balance"

Time is the scarcest capital.
If you can’t manage time,
you can’t manage anything else.

Peter F. Drucker