A few words about myself....

Since the beginning of 1992, I have been an independent coach, seminar leader and consultant in the fields of management, leadership and behavior.

As a coach I assist executives and qualified employees who work for a wide range of national and international organizations. My trainings focus on the leadership of employees, team development and self-management. My trainings are held mainly in German, but by arrangement in individual cases in English as well.

Training in business management was the basis of the first half of my professional life. I can look back on 20 years of professional experience in various functions in human resources both in service and industrial companies. For 12 of these 20 years, I was in responsible, leading positions and was able to participate in various further training measures for executives.

After having completed, in addition to my job, a course lasting several years to become a trainer in body-oriented methods of humanistic psychology and personality development under Dr. Wolfgang Merz in Salzburg, I established up my own business. For many years now I have been working as a certified trainer for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the Golden Profiler of Personality (GPOP), the Herrmann Dominance Instrument (H.D.I.) as well as the BELBIN Team Role Inventory. In addition I am an accredited trainer licensed to administer the FIRO-B test. As a fully trained coach ("Konstanzer Seminare") I regularly attend supervision and intervision sessions and take part in further measures of professional development in order to ensure quality assurance.

In my work, esteem, respect and clarity feature largely in my relations with people and organizations. It is the objective of my work to make participants aware of their own responsibility both in commercial dealings and in their own situation.