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Self-responsible behavior

Coaching means to guide individual leaders, teams, self-employed and private individuals towards a clearly defined development goal over a limited period of time. Coaching is all about the reflection and continued development of your own working and leadership behavior. The coach usually assists individuals or teams in phases of high stress or reorientation.

In coaching, the coachee determines the goals to be reached and the process to be used; I as a coach do not offer him or her a ready-made development program. Key aspects are the individual personality of the coachee, his or her strengths and areas of development, as well as a clear decision on which topics he or she wants to work on.

Coaching makes sense when:

  • the coachee is troubled by unclear goals, self-doubt or fear of failure
  • problems arise in his or her dealings with employees, colleagues etc
  • a promotion brings about new challenges
  • the coachee finds himself or herself in an unsatisfactory professional situation

Self-responsibility is the
responsibility for your own

Reinhard K. Sprenger