How to have successful dismissal talks |

Many leaders report that they avoid difficult talks with their employees or are not satisfied with the result of such talks due to the fact that many managers lack the skills and experience required in this field. Dismissal talks and talks in which the employee is to be criticized are considered to be the hardest cases.

Avoidance usually leads to an escalation of the conflict or to the unprofessional presentation of unpleasant decisions. This can result in a drop in individual or team performance.

It is the goal of this training to elaborate with other leaders which factors give you the security and confidence to channel such talks in a professional manner. The required knowledge is presented, methods and techniques are practiced.


  • For what reasons and how can a company dismiss an employee and how do the reasons for dismissal affect the way the talks are held?
  • Which factors should I consider when preparing for such difficult talks and what options do I have to ensure the talk will be constructive?
  • How can such talks be structured?
  • Which communication techniques make sense in such talks?
  • Which reactions can be expected and how do I deal with them?
  • How do I deal with my own emotions and how can I channel the effect on the team?
  • What comes after the first talk?

Whatever you do, do it intelligently and look on the consequences.

Aesop (600 B.C.)