How to lead successful meetings |

Leaders and employees of all levels, particularly in large organizations, complain about spending too much time in meetings. Who does not know them, those endless meetings with nerve-wracking discussions and pointless negotiations that come to no end?

It is the goal of this training to help the participants to a) ensure that the meetings they hold are goal-oriented and effective and b) have a positive impact on the quality and success of meetings they attend.


  • How do I prepare a meeting, how do I keep effective minutes and what should be done in terms of follow-up?
  • Which rules have we agreed upon, to what extent do we respect them and what can I do in my role as leader of the meeting to reinforce them?
  • How do I deal with the attendants’ questions and/or objections?
  • How do I deal with "troublemakers" or "sleepers"? What can I do to get everyone involved in the discussion?
  • When and how do I best use brainstorming, the "moderation method" or other devices in a meeting?
The meeting is the heart and soul
of an organization. This is where
the employees fill up on their
power to move > motivation.

Herman Blom