Employee evaluation and development |

Optimal goal-setting, regular follow-up and the evaluation of the resulting feedback increase the probability of employees reaching their goals. However, these leadership tasks require a lot of skills and security, for example when it comes to the various types of talks involved.

It is the goal of this training to demonstrate the advantages of systematic assessment and to give the participants the opportunity to thoroughly analyze their own perception and assessment of others as well as their own ways of expression recognition and criticism.


  • How do I define and set goals? What do I have to consider?
  • How do I recognize the performance level and potential of my employees and how do I avoid typical evaluation errors?
  • How do I use the evaluation form and what rules do I have to follow?
  • How do I prepare myself for evaluation discussions and what particularities must leaders take into consideration?
  • How do I best express praise and criticism?

Management is the art
of deploying talent

Robert S. McNamara