Hiring new employees |

It is one of the most important tasks of every leader to choose and recruit adequate employees. In a job interview, the technical qualification and personality of each candidate must be quickly assessed.

Errors made in this process are extremely costly to the company, many times only too costly. It is an important step towards the prevention of these costs to hire the right kind of personnel that fits well into the corporate structures.


  • Which candidates should I invite for a job interview? Making a reasonable choice from written resumes.
  • How do I prepare myself best?
  • How do I structure the job interview? Why should I use an interview guideline.
  • How do I ask the right questions? Which questions are permitted and which are not?
  • What does the candidate‚Äôs body language tell me? How can I interpret and understand these signals?
  • What comes after job interview and decision-making?

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