Successful leadership |

- the basics -

It is the task of a leader to influence his or her employees in such a way that they contribute to the corporate result as agreed upon - and that they enjoy it, too! This task requires you to know and apply the basics, methods and instruments of leadership.

This training offers participants the opportunity to become aware of the numerous facets of their leadership task. They learn to realize the reserves hidden in each human being, to develop individual skills and which role they play as leaders in this. They analyze their own leadership behavior and their preferred leadership style. They also get to know the potential of situative leadership.


  • Definition of the term "leadership"
  • Recognition of internal and external influences on your leadership behavior
  • Instruments and methods of leadership (setting goals, delegating tasks ....)
  • Analysis of your own development level as a leader and of the development level of your employees
  • How to apply this knowledge in your daily work

Every minute I dedicate
to my employees
is a lucrative investment!

Dr. Kenneth Blanchard