Cooperation and dialog |

The dialog with your employees

It is one of the leadership tasks of every superior to hold discussions with his/her employees - from the beginning of employment (job interview) through the development of the employee (recognition and criticism talks) to the employee's discharge.

A great deal of sensitivity and a vast range of communication skills are required to react "correctly" (meaning in a situation-based and goal-oriented way) in each type of evaluation discussion.


  • What are my leadership goals in the individual discussions? What is my objective and what do I have to consider in order to motivate, "open up" and/or criticize an employee?
  • How do I prepare myself for the individual discussions?
  • How do I structure these talks and what is my "red thread"?
  • When is the best moment for expressing recognition and criticism and how do I best express it?
  • How do facts and relationships influence the discussion? How do I recognize defense mechanisms and how can I dissolve them?
  • How do I behave in the talk, how do I assess myself and how do others perceive me?
  • What does the employee's body language tell me? How can I interpret and understand these signals?

We cannot create
anything in others,
but we can wake everything.

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