Growing with the team |

It is the great challenge for all members of a team (a work-group or a department) to cooperate efficiently in the direction of the common goal to be achieved. It is decisive for the success of the team that each member be aware of his/her individual role in the team and in the company, that it cope with the external and internal rules of the game and that the team members deal with each other in a fair and proper way.

It is the goal of this training consisting of several parts to recognize together the strengths and deficits of the team. What hampers cooperation, what can be done to improve the situation? How do we deal with conflicts? Are they swept under the carpet or worked on in an honest and open manner?


  • What is the task of the team and how is it distributed?
  • How to define team goals and identify ways for their achievement
  • How to recognize areas of tension between individuals
  • How to identify signals of conflict, recognize types of conflicts and systematically resolve a conflict
  • Solve your own conflicts with others directly and personally

The better groups of people
get to know each other
the better they will get
along with each other.

Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann